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Founded in 2007, Inbbor Industrialização e Beneficio de Borracha Ltda - ME, started its activities in the same place where it still maintains its headquarters today, in the São Martinho neighborhood in Tubarão / SC.


The company was born from the concept of sustainability and environmental preservation of its creators and since the beginning of its constitution, it already worked with the processing of recycled rubber and served mainly the Footwear Industry, the Auto Parts sector and the Civil Construction.


With the growing sports sector and the consequent need of the market, it acquired new equipment and started to manufacture granulated rubber for artificial turf, complying with the strict FIFA standard for synthetic fields.


Today, the family enterprise managed by the Santos brothers (Fábio and Sandrigo), is one of the main suppliers of granulated rubber for synthetic fields throughout the South of Brazil and operates throughout the national territory.


To seek a balance between development and preservation to achieve the ideal of Social Sustainability.


With creativity, technology and innovation we can develop practical solutions that cooperate for a better interaction among all involved.


Sustainability - Innovation - Creativity - Preservation and Respect.


What we do

Rubber Powder or Granulated Rubber

Due to its consistency and resistance to rubber, mainly from discarded tires, it is a product that has antidegradants, which does not allow its thermorecycling. Its natural decomposition is estimated to be approximately 600 years. The improper disposal of rubber products has generated a series of problems and serious risks to the environment, threatening the balance of the ecosystem.

Inbbor Indústria de Borracha Reciclada, acts in an inventive way and transforms the discarded rubber into rubber powder, or granulated rubber, through the process of selection, separation, treatment and criomechanical grinding, producing the powder with particle sizes varying between 30 and 80 mesh, which are carefully selected on vibrating screens.


Rubber powder provides infinite ways to contribute to the environment and considerably reduce production costs for a range of applications. Among the most trivial uses of the product, we highlight: The footwear industry with boots and recycled soles; Civil construction on asphalt pavements, cement, multi-sports court floors, paver for pavements, thermoblocks and artifacts in general; The auto parts industry, with brakes, carpets and accessories; The furniture industry with benches, tables, posts and garden shelves

Applications of Recycled Rubber

Synthetic Grass

Rubber Granules for Synthetic Grass Courts


Recycled rubber for sports flooring, pavements and asphalt


Rubber powder for automotive parts and various artifacts.


Recycled rubber for manufacturing soles and boots



Inbbor Industrialização e Beneficio de Borracha Ltda - ME 

Street: José Alves dos Santos Passos, 4401 - São Martinho

City: Tubarão  -  State: Santa Catarina  -  Country: Brasil
Postal Code: 88.708-701

+55 (48) 3628-0015

+55 (48) 9.9956.8899 (whats)

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